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Ispravan način skladištenja za hidraulične armature

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Ispravan način skladištenja za hidraulične armature

When the hydraulic fittings is not in use, it should be stored in the correct way. If the storage method or environment does not meet its storage conditions, the hydraulic fittings is likely to be damaged and affect its function. In normal working conditions, we need to take a reasonable way to store hydraulic fittings.

Cleaning: hydraulic fittings before storage users should do a good job of cleaning, need to remove the existing impurities, otherwise the existing impurities will become stains after a period of time, or pollute the fittings to rust, thereby increasing the difficulty of cleaning, and will also affect the use of hydraulic fittings.

Protection: The storage of hydraulic fittings should be placed in a dry container, it is best to seal it to achieve a closed space, so that it can effectively avoid the hydraulic fittings in the process of placement because of the influence of the external environment and thus rust or decay. Therefore, the hydraulic fittings can be well protected in a dry sealed or semi-sealed environment.


Humidity: because the material of the hydraulic fittings is metal, the nature of the material itself is easy to be affected by environmental humidity and thus rust, so in the actual storage time, we should try to control the humidity in the environment, which can effectively avoid the situation of large area rust of the hydraulic fittings.

The storage of hydraulic fittings needs to take correct measures, so as to avoid the occurrence of damage, and will not affect the use effect of fittings.


Transportation: Hydraulic fittings are made of metal materials, so there is no need to worry about collision in transportation. However, due to the characteristics of the product itself, we need to meet the following requirements for the outer packaging of hydraulic fittings: the outer packaging should be waterproof and moisture-proof; The outer packaging should have a certain degree of sealing function, the outer packaging should be as strong as possible and light material.